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Samples of our work

Our designs embrace the beauty of our surroundings while providing maximization of outdoor living spaces


We gain inspiration from the natural beauty of our surroundings, Ensuring our customers have unique custom designs specific to their individual needs.

Complementing History

Great Camps are family compounds of cabins mostly built during the late 19th century as summer homes for the wealthy during what's known as the Gilded Age, an era of rapid economic, technological, and industrial growth. Not your typical "camp," Great Camps are grandiose and sprawling complexes along the shorelines of the Adirondacks often with a main house, guest houses, boat houses and other structures. The properties were built by local craftsmen using materials native to the region in a distinctive rustic style that blends into the natural surroundings – what's become known as Adirondack Rustic Style.

The rocks making up the Adirondack region are amongst the oldest rocks on the planet (around one billion years old). However, the Adirondack Mountains are relatively young despite being composed of incredibly old rocks.

The High Peaks region in the Adirondack Park is primarily made up of Anorthosite, which is a type of rock that is more often found well underground rather than at the surface of the Earth. Lunar anorthosite is made of the light-colored areas of the Moon’s surface.

Most of the major features of the Adirondack landscape that you see today are a result of the last Ice Age, 10,000 years or so ago.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor entertaining at its finest..

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