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Jacquelyn Lee (Moody) Niederbuhl ~ Born in Saranac Lake, NY- is the daughter of Wesley Moody, Owner of the prestigious Adirondack landscape company, Wesley Moody Landscaping. Having worked under Wesley since old enough to actually did all of my siblings as a right of passage, we all learned a niche which collectively creates an interchangeable highly capable "well oiled machine." Leaving for college to study mass communications & journalism...and surge in business brought me back to the Adirondacks to help with the family business. After meeting my now husband and helping his business Niederbuhl Bros Tree Service on which he is the most talented, arborist I have ever seen, I continue to help him. 

I have recently created Preserve Design and Consulting  - "I didn't realize you did this as well?" is a very common phrase we all hear..So this is more of a way to cover all of our bases... As with our ADK Preserve theme...Preserve Design is eventually the tip of the overall business model I have for a complete "PRESERVATION series " I intend to unfold. From preserving our sanity, preserving our trees and preserving our legacy....This business model will not only ensure we get a chance to leave our sustainable mark on history, all the while leaving this place better than we found it. We leave a path of bread crumbs for future generations to follow and pick up where we left off. A coffee table book about us, our homes, our properties...not just an old deed in the archives...the beautiful walkways with our signature style...As one can easily identify a guide boat; a great camp etc by its builder, you'll be able to tell who created the landscape... and the feeling you get when you walk into a great camp for the first time. Does your mind immediately go to a scene of years ago...inputs you into the 1920's - pouring a glass of lemonade for your guests who have already found a chair by the lake as they admire your piece of the Adirondack Lifestyle... in the kitchen you stand in...the vision you create in your head. What was it like? You can see it easily because as time has gone by, we have found a way to preserve that charm. That lifestyle. That feeling. We've updated it. We've not ungraded. Paying complement to history, not knocking it down. Restoring it, an improvement to the native beauty aesthetic inside and out. There is is..



{Well oiled Machine} 

Uncommon Earthworks, LLC is the venue in which our talents and skills can be brought together as in sort of an "all star team" 

The team which cannot be duplicated. Our talents, like I mentioned, are particular to us. individually, we are incredible......Together.....Well Impossible is where we start. Only the best will do. This is when you need Uncommon Earthworks, LLC

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